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Enter an amount different from your portions

You can enter multiple portions at once to create different amounts, and the progress toward your goal will be the same.  So for example, if you have a 200 calorie snack, just tap “Snack / 100 cals” twice.  If you find yourself wanting a particular amount often, you might consider creating a new portion for it.

Control how often Temple reminds you

You can change how often Temple reminds you to do things by changing the coaching setting inside each track.  Let’s say you want to drink 32 oz of water every 4 hours.  To set that, tap the settings icon, then choose Fluids, then find the section labeled “Coaching: how much is too little?”.  If you’ve kept the default portions, you’d set “Amount” to “2 Bottles”, and “Every” to “4 hrs”.  Now, whenever you record a full 32 ounces, it will set a reminder for 4 hours later.  If you record less than that, it will set the reminder sooner.  If you don’t like to get reminders, you can just flip the “Enabled” switch to off.

Change what counts as a great day

You can edit the margin allowed for “Great” or “Good” in Settings. Just open settings, choose the track you want, and scroll down to the “Goals” section.


When will Temple be available?

Now!  We’re finally live!

How do I undo an entry?

Just swipe left to get to the daily entries page.  Find the entry you don’t want and tap it, then tap delete.  Poof!

What does “last” mean?  How can I use it?

The “last” figure shows you when you last made an entry. For example, you might want to eat frequently to keep your blood sugar more stable, so this will help you keep track of when to eat and when to wait.