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Hydration, Food, Fitness and More

The health and fitness tracker so easy and fun you’ll actually use it.

One tap entry and a cool, fresh design. Record your daily activities quickly and get back to your life

Get fit, hydrate more, drop weight, etc.

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An executive summary of your goals

You don’t have to track every tiny calorie to get results. Many apps require you enter every french fry, but that can get tedious fast. You’re in this for the long haul.  Track just enough, no more

  • 3 customizable tracks. By default, they are Fitness, Fluids, and Fuel, but  you can change them to whatever you like
  • Track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. Keep track of your streak of great days
  • Monitor your progress during the day. How am I doing on food, how much do I have left? When was the last time I ate?
  • Fully-customizable reminders that kick in when it’s been too long since your last entry
  • Temple can be used for any goal that you want to develop a daily habit for. Drink more water, eat less food, eat more food, exercise  more, practice yoga, read, make a meal, meditate, walk every day, take your fiber, etc.

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